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sēon studio


We are a multidisciplinary creative studio based in London

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The word ‘sēon’ comes from Middle English, meaning ‘to see’.


It was the Vikings who brought us the modern concept of dreaming - the ability to see in your sleep.


Dreams were very important to the Vikings. Through dreams, they could predict the future, find hidden knowledge, and communicate with other worlds. Even the Gods had dreams.


An important job was given to the select few who could see what others couldn’t - the task of finding meaning in the visions seen only in the mind’s eye, translating the symbols into something more graspable.


At Sēon, we endeavour to translate what others see. For some, it’s vague - a feeling or a sense they want to share with others. For others, it’s something in the distance - quite defined, but hard to describe. We find the visual language they’re looking for.


We work primarily with founder-run businesses - because they’re dreamers, too.

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