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The UK’s leading consulting and cap intro platform provides unrivalled access to family offices and private clients, overseen by a core team of seasoned investment professionals. Engaging with a large network in the UK and Middle East, Cap Connect works with leading asset managers across all asset classes, to ensure a higher success rate for follow up, acting as strong gatekeepers between opportunities, deals and funds.


Time-poor investors and the businesses who are looking for them are both on the hunt for high-quality opportunities and a proven track record of success. Cap Connect’s new brand ID was designed to be sophisticated and discrete, establishing an air of exclusivity for these thoughtful connectors. Since the brand’s audience is in need of a consultation system they can put faith in, establishing trust proved to be a crucial part of finding the right visual language for Cap Connect - creating a classic, formal aesthetic with a slightly aloof edge that would put them above their competitors in terms of exclusivity.

A new logo was created for Cap Connect, establishing a typographic treatment that turns the repeated ‘N’ letterform into a conversation between two individuals approaching each other from different angles whilst mirroring each other. The existing logomark was redesigned to sit alongside the logo, with the two interlocking ‘C’ forms sharpened and refined, evoking the concept of a carpenter’s dovetail joint - the most secure fit possible.


A robust and versatile visual language has been established for use throughout Cap Connect’s digital and print assets, including a suite of investment documents with distinct illustrations highlighting various services, and a flexible template for future presentations including styling for visually arresting graphs and charts. 


A new website was designed to showcase the visual language, bringing a pop of red into the off-white and muted black palette in order to capture the hint of rebellion present in the brand’s updated personality. Selecting a combination of sans serif and serif typefaces with a large family of weights, we carefully established new tiers of hierarchy within the copy, creating structure through the use of fine paragraph rules.

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand ID

  • Logo Design

  • Digital Design

Reducing this grid to two intersecting lines - reflecting the disparate industries Overstone’s software brings together - the slanted grid is paired with cropped images of fine art, positioned at these intersections at a dramatically reduced scale to ensure that art appears on every page without becoming a key focus.  

Logo Design
Cap Connect

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