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Many businesses are off-balance in their approach to diversity and inclusion and are often scared to address the elephant in the room. Kiltered provides strategic consulting, helping with policies and bringing uncomfortable conversations to the forefront of professional discussions.

To define Kiltered as an industry leader, a powerful brand ID establishes a position of trusted authority for the brand's founders.


Following an in-depth workshop in which the brand’s ethos and core persona were identified, Kiltered's confident approach to uncomfortable conversations encouraged the development of a strident brand identity.

The new wordmark is sharp and impactful, with clean graphic elements creating balance through tension to reflect two sides of a conversation. Reducing the brandmark to a single letter, this graphic element works as an anchor, underlining the monogram whilst providing enough space to suggest uplift. 

An unexpected colour system was developed for Kiltered, avoiding the neutral hues associated with competitors in favour of a more vibrant palette featuring vermillion and emerald to reflect the disruptive strategies Kiltered use throughout their process. This palette allows room for heat, but tempers it with cooling and wise shades of green.


Inspired by universal symbols of communication, Kiltered's collateral introduces a flexible visual code that draws connections between punctuation and the different aspects of Kiltered’s ethos.

The layout of the website was designed with meaning, too. Alternating between left and right alignment, the website hints towards the two sides of a debate, and creates a rhythm for users to reduce scroll fatigue.

Finding connections between punctuation and the different aspects of Kiltered’s ethos, we created a system of graphic elements that communicate the brand's disruptive confidence in an otherwise mild-mannered industry.

Brand Identity

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